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Facial Surgery

A face full of beauty

Cheekbones Augmentation

This procedure allows you to have a better cheek outline by injectable fillings such as the hyaluronic acid or by lipo injection (patient’s own fat). It is common to combine this surgery with other facial procedures for better results achieving the harmony of the face.

Chin Lipo

This is a complementary procedure of the surgeries done to define the outline of the face. It allows fat to be eliminated in the lower part of the chin or mandibular ridge.

Cheek Reduction

This procedure achieves the improvement of the facial silhouette by highlighting the cheekbones y redefining the mandibular ridge. It consists on the extraction of the bags of Bichat which are bags of fat located in the cheeks. It is idea for patients who present excessive roundness of their face.

Mentoplasty (Chin Surgery)

This procedure accomplishes to put in harmony the chin with the other face factions by raising its size inserting a silicone prosthesis or decreasing it by making a transversal cut on the chin bone to lower its size.

Frontoplasty (Forehead lift)

This is the adequate procedure for people who have deep horizontal folds on their foreheads, low eyebrows or frown lines between the eyebrows. It consists in raising the forehead by cutting and extracting the excess of skin achieving a younger face and looks.

Ritidoplasty (Facial rejuvenation)

Ritidoplasty allows to give back youth and expressiveness to the face. It consists on the tighten and resection of the cheeks’ skin upwards and backwards achieving better facial angles, elasticity and the skin’s muscle tone. The neck’s skin can also be lifted with this procedure.