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Body Surgery

Body in harmony


This is procedure done on men and consists on eliminating fat and part of the glandular mammary tissue. It is ideal for men who have a mammary volume bigger than expected. The gynecomastia accomplishes a flat, firm and well outlined thorax.

Gluteoplasty (Glute Implant)

It is an ideal procedure for people who wish to modify the shape and volume of their glutes. It is done using silicone implants that offer a harmonious and natural results.

Lipectomy (Abdominoplasty)

Abdominoplasty accomplishes flat and defined abs. It is a very adequate procedure for people who have excess of skin, stretch marks, flaccidity or non-aesthetic scars in the lower area of the abs. The surgery consists in the elimination of skin and fat in the abdominal area by making an incision in the lower part achieving the outline and a flat abdominal wall.

Liposculpture and Abdominal Marking

The liposculpture shapes the body figure by suctioning fat deposits in non-wanted areas such as arms, back, abs, muscles, glutes, face and neck. This procedure looks for the body harmony, therefore it allows suctioned fat to be injected in areas with lack of volume such as glutes.

Mammaplasty (Breast Reduction)

It is an ideal procedure for women that are not satisfied with the size of their breast and wish to reduce them to achieve harmony on their figure. It helps to have a better posture and to relief back aches. This surgery takes off the excess of skin and breast tissue to accomplish firm aesthetic breasts.

Mastopexy (Breasts Lift)

It is a surgery to lift and rejuvenate the breasts, by eliminating the excess of skin and the re-positioning of the tissues. Drooping breasts are a consequence of the skin elasticity loss, weight loss, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Through this procedure, the nipple and areola are given back a high position achieving firm breasts. This surgery is often combined with breast lift.