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According to reports developed by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Colombia is third country in Latin America where the most number of aesthetic surgeries are done by competent professionals. The other two countries with more number of surgeries are Brasil and Mexico, in that order.

Our doctors shared with us, according to their experience, which are the most common surgical and non-surgical procedures with the highest demand between Carvajal y Cortes’ patients.

On aesthetic surgeries, the most consulted one for men and women are liposuction when trying to shape the body and rhinoplasty to improve the harmony of the face.

Other common consultations are done by women that have gone through pregnancy and breast feeding and that had alterations on abs, waist, glutes or breasts, looking to correct those changes by going through aesthetic surgery.

When it comes to non-surgical procedures, the ones with the highest demand are Platelet-rich Plasma and BOTOX™. These two procedures, according to the doctors’ opinion, are the most effective to preserve the skin beauty.

We remind our patients the importance of consulting always with professionals with the experience and background necessaries to carry on these surgeries and aesthetic procedures.

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